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HCG Diet: How Can You Lose Weight?

HCG Diet by nufaceglow med spa in Seaford, NY

Some people lose weight to get the body shape they want, while some do it for healthcare purposes. For whatever reason, losing weight has been essential in the beauty industry and has been prevalent in health and wellness blogs. Several methods have continuously increased for people to choose from with their popularity. And these methods perfectly whisper immediate results without sacrificing huge workout routines and plant-based diets. However, not all of these methods are considered safe, but an HCG diet plan will not do you wrong!

According to sources, the HCG diet plan is a doctor-supervised medical weight loss program. It combines hormone therapy with whole food eating that involves a menu containing vegetables and lean protein in the majority, fruit options, and limited grains. The calories allowed on the protocol range from 500-to 1,600 calories, based on the protocol followed.

The original protocol and phases in the diet plan follow a strictly specific food list that causes weight loss but can teach portion control and healthy eating and promote a harmonious relationship with food. However, there have been changes to the protocols due to modern-day variations.

What is HCG?

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is seen at high levels in early pregnancy. This hormone is utilized as a marker in home pregnancy tests and can help cure fertility issues for both men and women. On the other hand, high levels of HCG can also be a sign of various types of cancer like ovarian, placental, and ovarian cancer.

British doctor Abert Simeons first proposed HCG as a method for weight loss in 1954. This proposal consists of HCG hormone injections and a deficient calorie diet with 500 calories a day.

Aside from being a weight-loss tool, HCG maintains progesterone production to support the healthy growth of the fetus and uterus. Three months after the pregnancy, HCG levels start to decrease.

HCG products are sold in different forms in the market, including sprays, pellets, and oral drops. They are also available in online stores and retail stores.

What are the four phases of the HCG diet?

The HCG protocol consists of three phases, but with the various changes in the modern world mentioned earlier, a new 4th phase has been added to the original protocol. This phase is called P4 or “long-term maintenance.”

It should be understood that each of these phases is equally vital and recommended not to be skipped.

The P1 or Loading Phase is two (in some cases, three days,) while Phase 2, or the weight loss phase, can differ in length depending on the specifics of your protocol. For example, one HCG source’s protocol is different from another, like 26 days or 29 days. Phase 3, or the Transition Phase, lasts for three weeks. This phase also expands calorie growth and foods that exclude starches or sugar. The 4th and last phase involves the life after the first three phases of the HCG diet plan. It also includes a lifestyle of healthy choices attained while on the protocol, and this life application provides portion control, exercise, clean eating, and healthy living in general.

How can I lose weight with the HCG diet? :

It is essential to know that the HCG diet consists of weight loss recipes and foods which are the backbone of the HCG weight loss program. The allowed foods on the diet food list will help you lose weight and position your body into a healthy state.

Additionally, it is vital to understand that the HCG hormone does not make you lose weight. Still, it changes how your body loses weight and encourages a reaction in your body that allows you to lose weight rapidly. Your chosen provider will carefully and analytically select your HCG diet food list that will be responsible for your weight loss. The HCG also allows your body to continuously burn fat when it would commonly go into starvation mode under the calorie-restricted diet.

The HCG diet plan is not the same as the ketosis diet. It is actually a versatile diet plan where you can work different menus and meals with the given ingredients. Opt for the HCG diet if you plan to order outside because of a hassle time for cooking. Because instead of processed foods, your food list will focus on clean eating, which consists of mostly vegetables and healthy portions of lean protein, along with some limited carbohydrates.

Side effects and safety :

Even though HCG is generally safe for the body, the Food and Drug Administration does not approve it as a weight loss regimen. The FDA has also questioned the safety of HCG products because these products contain unknown and illegal ingredients. So as much as possible, it would be the best choice to avoid it.

On the other hand, the HCG diet is excellent when handled by a professional. However, it can also have side effects such as depression, headache, and fatigue. According to studies, these effects are primarily caused by starvation–level intake of calories, which make people feel miserable.

Cautious with HCG products :

Most of the HCG products sold in the market are labeled as homeopathic, which involves the use of strong substances which are highly diluted. These over-the-counter products do not contain authentic HCG, but the real ones are in the form of injections and are administered as hormone treatment or fertility drugs. Furthermore, it is only available through a doctor’s prescription. 

Only the HCG prescribed injections can raise blood levels, not the homeopathic products sold over the counter. 

The diet plan involves your health and overall well-being. That is why we understand that you want to be careful about it. In NuFace Glow Med Spa, you can experience quality work from the hands of skilled professionals in the field. They can also educate you in order to achieve your cosmetic and aesthetic goals. 

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