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Sign up for Beauty Bank and Save!

Beauty Bank is our injectable membership that allows you to bank money towards future (discounted!) injectable treatments.

Sign up for Beauty Bank and Save by nufaceglow med spa in Seaford, NY

Beauty Bank begins at $60 per month banked in your account for later use on any injectable treatment (wrinkle relaxers & dermal fillers). We can make a payment recommendation based on your current injectable treatment trends that would allow your next treatment to be paid in full, however you may choose any amount over $60 per month that you are comfortable with!

If you do not have enough in your bank at the time of your appointment, you would pay the remaining balance that day. If you have more than enough in your bank, the additional money remains in your account until you are ready to use it! If dont feel like using it for injectables you can use it towards facials/skin care/ laser treatments etc.

Upon signing up, your initial injectable treatment is given at a discounted rate ($250 per forehead, $75 off 1 ml fillers), and from then on your credit card is automatically charged on the 1st of the month to deposit into your account bank. There is no additional sign up or cancellation fee.


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