What Is Oxygeneo Facial How Does it Help Get Glowing Skin

Sometimes it takes work to maintain a regimen of skin care that keeps your skin clean and healthy. Given its role as the body’s first line of defense against potentially harmful environmental factors, the skin is understandably worn down. It needs a break from the constant battle against the lingering traces of pollution and dirt that even the most thorough facial cleansers can’t seem to shift. A lack of oxygen contributes to a lifeless complexion, dry skin, and drooping facial skin.

Because of the dramatic improvements our clients see even after the first session, OxyGeneo facials have become one of our most in-demand services. Do you have questions about this therapy or worry about whether or not it would work for you? Let’s talk about the OxyGeneo face treatment and see if it’s right for you or someone you know.

What is OxyGeneo

You can have oxygen facials in various forms, but the gold standard is the OxyGeneo Facial. There will be no downtime with this procedure, and your skin will be left looking radiant and healthy in no time. When applied to the face, OxyGeneo exfoliates dead skin cells and infuses new ones with oxygen for a facial treatment that delivers visible results. Additional skin advantages beyond radiance are a result of this therapy.

OxyGeneo is similar to oxygen therapy but on an entirely new plane. The well-known “Bohr effect” is exploited here to get the skin to absorb oxygen from the blood on its own will. From the time of conception until the time of death, the Bohr effect is an ongoing physiological process in every living being. The OxyGeneo is designed to complement the body rather than disrupt it.

As previously stated, the treatment entails three stages: a little exfoliation, the delivery of antioxidants and minerals, and finally, oxygenation.

Benefit from microdermabrasion’s surface exfoliation and an internal injection of rejuvenating nutrients and healing oxygen to the skin for a whole facial rejuvenation. In addition to being effective for all skin types, the treatments can be adjusted to address the unique needs of even the most sensitive skin.

OxyGeneo Procedure

The OxyGeneo face treatment, which uses oxygen without causing harm, can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The procedure is performed by a board-certified dermatologist or another qualified medical professional in an aesthetic medical clinic.

In the initial phase of the treatment, the skin is exfoliated using a specialized wand. After the patient has been exfoliated, the practitioner will inject a customized solution. NeoBright E Formula is one formulation that lightens the skin while decreasing pigmentation and UV damage. The NeoRevive Formula is the alternative option, and it does a great job of reducing the look of wrinkles and fine lines while bringing life back to tired skin.

The treatment concludes with the skin being oxygenated. Oxygen is supplied passively rather than actively by using CO2 bubbles that burst softly on the skin’s surface. Instead of experiencing the redness and burning sensation of adding oxygen to the skin, as with specific other facial treatments, you will have none of these side effects here.

OxyGeneo Vs. Oxygen Facial 

The OxyGeneo therapy differs from traditional oxygen facials since it doesn’t force oxygen into the skin, which can cause irritation and redness. This method promotes internal oxygenation.

Specifically, here’s how it operates: NeoRevive, an anti-aging gel, and NeoBright, a brightening gel, both work by interacting with the tip of the handpiece to produce carbon dioxide bubbles, which in turn bring oxygen-rich blood to the surface of the skin. So, this mystical implement pulls it up from below instead of forcing air into your face. 

The health of your skin is a critical factor in determining the best option for you. NeoBright is a good choice if you have dark skin or pigmented lesions. NeoRevive is superior in improving the skin’s overall appearance (and eliminating visible pores).

OxyGeneo Vs. Traditional Facial

You can expect the same radiant, moisturized, nutrient-infused skin from an OxyGeneo super facial as any other oxygen facial, with the added benefits of gentle exfoliation and oxygenation, with an OxyGeneo facial. In contrast to the OxyGeneo facial, traditional facials may irritate people with delicate skin.

One treatment with the OxyGeneo super facial is needed to give patients noticeably smoother, more radiant skin that will linger for days. Patients report improvements in acne, elasticity, and brown spots following just one OxyGeneo super facial when the same results would require multiple traditional facial treatments. Check out these amazing before and after pictures:

Preparing For Your Appointment

An OxyGeneo face does not require any significant preparatory measures. Makeup might slow down the process, so if you want to save time, try to avoid wearing it when you visit for your appointment. Apart from that, carry on as usual.


It is the presence of oxygen that makes life possible. Oxygen is essential for the skin’s elasticity, firmness, and overall health. There are many advantages to treating your skin with OxyGeneo Facial:


All skin types can benefit from OxyGeneo. If you feel that your skin needs more excellent air circulation, then you’re right. NuFaceGlow Med Spa’s services come with your assurance of a competent and courteous approach and a gradual and natural-looking outcome. Contact us and book a visit today!